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I saw this posted on Facebook a few days ago, some of you may have seen it too…Image

I think that it sums up my thoughts about running.  I know that I’m not the fastest or the best and I don’t try to be (my typical pace is around a 10/11 minute mile).  I run for myself.  I run to push my own boundaries.  I run to better myself, to prove to myself that I can do something.  I know that I will never come in first and I’m okay with that.  I am not a professional athlete.  10 years ago, I wasn’t even running.

And then every once in a while I see a post that says “I got put in Corral A!!!” or a shirt that says “If you’re reading this you’re too slow!!!” printed on the back.  And then I start to get down about my own abilities and wonder why I even started.

So then I need to remember that what other people do doesn’t matter.  Sure, we can all be proud of our accomplishments but sometimes it seems like there’s a whole lot more bragging going on.

But I’m like a moth to a flame.  I continuously check Facebook and Twitter to check up on things and I’m reminded again….. “If you’re not first you’re last!”.  And then I realized…

Social Networking is damaging to my ego!

Another example…. after looking at everyone’s summer vacation photos I thought “man, it’s been years since I’ve been on a real vacation“.  One person “checks in” from the beaches of Florida, not to be outdone by a “check in” from Puerto Rico.  Oh but then there’s the person who went to Italy.  Don’t worry guys, you can’t compete with them.  And yes, that IS jealousy that  you hear……  I’m not gonna lie.

But doesn’t it just seem like a lot of what social networking is these days is a way to show off or brag? Of course not everyone is like this.  I know a lot of people who post or tweet to inform friends and family because they don’t live nearby.  And then there are the posts that actually make us feel good about ourselves (in a sad sort of way)…. you know the ones that are nothing but drama, drama, drama.  People’s life stories and dirty laundry and skeletons in the closet………. those are the ones that I typically “hide” or sometimes I just stop following or unfriend people because who needs that negativity?

So anyway, my choices are to either stop using Twitter and Facebook altogether, or change the way that I think when I read the posts or retweets.  I think it’s time to tell that ego who’s boss. :)