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I feel like I’ve been driving all over Orange County this week.  Running errands, trying to prepare things for my son’s birthday party.  This means that I have encountered a lot of traffic.  Typically I don’t venture out after say 2:30 or 3pm because that’s when it starts to get heavy.  The traffic problem lasts until around 7ish.  Anyway, I usually curse under my breath (because my son is usually with me) and weave in and out of traffic.  I’m horrible, I can usually look at a car and figure out how fast or slow they will go.  Whether or not they will get it off the line quick enough for me to zip past them and get to the lane that I need.  But the last few days were different.  Over the last few days I decided to just flow with the traffic, stay in my lane and not frantically try to move move to the “fastest lane of traffic”.  And you know what?  I was a lot calmer.  I got to my destination and everything was okay.  Then it made me think about how hard I try to push for things that sometimes aren’t meant to be.  I try too hard to swim upstream and battle uncontrollable elements.  I learned this week that if I just go with the flow, it will still be okay.  Now driving up to Disneyland on the other hand….. stay out of my way!!!! 🙂


  1. Moving on to comparisons….. I am a relatively new runner.  I only started running in races 10 years ago when I moved to SoCal, and only started seriously running (5 days a week) for the last 2 years.  The problem that I have is that there is a place where I want to be (maybe I should take a note from my previous blog post, hahaha) and there’s the place where I am now.  I see the gals in the place that I want to be and I am immediately jealous.  But these girls have been running seriously (marathons, qualifying for Boston, triathlons, etc.) for many more years than I have been.  And I need to remind myself of that.  I also need to remind myself that I have no desire to qualify for Boston, or run a marathon for that matter.  Sometimes I think that we (I) need to:

– Just stop, look at what we have accomplished

– Stop comparing ourselves (and maybe lay off of Twitter every once in a while so it’s not so “in your face”, lol)

– Count our blessings

– Stop being jealous of others because you will not get what you want if you continue to focus on what it is that you don’t have

…. and

– Be happy for others’ accomplishments!


That is all.  🙂