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I never used to have ADD until I became a parent.  This is self diagnosed of course.  I have never been to see a doctor for this problem, but I used to be so focused.  So on task.  I used to have to cross reference electrical details with reflected ceiling plans and look at structural drawings to verify that there was enough clearance for ductwork.  Now I can’t even carry out a simple task to completion.  Oh look, I need to take out the trash.  Oh wait M’s socks are in the middle of  the floor, surrounded by Legos.  And I want to vacuum this afternoon so I’d better have him pick those up.  Let me just put those socks in the hamper.  Oh, I should just put them straight into the washing machine along with the clothes in his hamper.  Well, if I’m doing M’s laundry, I’d better change his sheets too.  Wait, what was I doing again?


See, you know you do it too.  And I only have one little person to take care of. 🙂