My route to take my son to school each day takes me past a cemetery.  I have been so surprised with the amount of funerals that have been taking place there lately.  Every day I see people gathered around recessed grave markers, clutching flowers, or balloons dancing in the wind above a bouquet.  And lots of times I see the backhoe machine out, ready to do it’s job, or the temporary canopies put out to shield grieving families from the sun.  All of this makes me so, so sad.  Sad for the person that is no longer with us.  Sad for the families that have lost them.  Sad for the workers who, day after day have to dig the graves or set up the canopies or chairs.  Whenever I see a funeral going on there I drive a little slower.  Turn down my radio if my windows are down as if to somehow pay my respects to people that I do not know.

What this teaches me is this:

Be thankful for every day that you have here.  Things may not be perfect, but we are lucky enough to breathe in and out every day.

Slow down, take your time and enjoy life when you don’t feel the pressure to rush, rush, rush (sometimes we have to be in a hurry for things…).

Give your kid a break if you are running late for school because of something that they did (stalled putting on their clothes, refused to use the bathroom before leaving, misplaced the toy that they wanted to take to school).

Just another reason to be thankful and remember how lucky we are.