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Sometimes people are put in your life to make you stronger.  Sometimes people are put in your life to challenge you.  Or piss you off.  Or stress you out.  All of these people make you focus on what kinds of people you want to keep in your life, how you want to treat people and how you allow yourself to be treated.  I am fortunate enough to have two very good running friends in my life right now.  Both have had their share of challenges, physical and mental, yet they still keep running, striving to make themselves better.  And they want their friends to be better too.  I am lucky enough to be one of those friends.

Two years ago I had no desire to run a half marathon, simply because I didn’t think that I could.  I had no desire to run a Ragnar race, because I was too scared.  And a full marathon No way.  You see, I am afraid to leave my comfort zone.  I am completely happy to just stay in my little box and keep things organized there.  My thought is, if I become an expert at all things in my little box (comfort zone) then I don’t have to worry about making a mistake.  I have won.  And if I make a mistakeI have lost. 

It makes all the difference when you have friends who believe in you.  And they help you believe in yourself.

My friend Annie is one of those friends.  Because of Annie I run half marathons.  Because of Annie I participated in a Ragnar Trail Relay.  And because of Annie I am now signed up to run a Ragnar Relay.  Annie has helped me become a better version of myself.  Annie is a lover of life and she wants to share great experiences with everyone.  If it wasn’t for Annie, I wouldn’t have the running resume that I have now.

My other running friend is Allison.  Because of Allison I am going to tackle my first full marathon.  Allison is dedicated to her training plan(s), in all kinds of weather.  She gets the job done.  She runs half marathons like they’re second nature.  For her I am grateful because she helps me believe in myself.  She is selfless in every way and she pushes herself to achieve new goals.  I am so grateful to have gotten lost with her on that bus to the runDisney expo last February.

Thank you, best running friends, for helping me to reach the next level.  I am upping my game.