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This post is long overdue…

A few weeks and ago I participated in my second Stair Climb for Los Angeles with all proceeds benefiting the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA.  And the money in this area makes a difference to the community.  Each step helps raise vital funds to support critical programs for children, teens, families and seniors in the community.

75 stories, nearly 1,700 steps to the top of the U.S. Bank building.  Last year I did not do any training and finished in 30 minutes.  This year I beat my time but next year I know that I can do better.  I have to admit that my Sparkle Athletic skirt helped me race to the top.  When the emcee announcing my ascent commented “Oh look how awesome your outfit is!  I bet she doesn’t even sweat!”, I replied with “I don’t sweat I SPARKLE!”.  Check this awesome, comfy sparkly goodness out for yourself at http://www.sparkleathletic.com.

This year we had an earlier start time so the crowd at the base of the building was minimal.  We had two teams climbing on behalf of Enemy Cat Productions.  There’s a whole street shut down with food trucks, a beer tent, a live band on stage and vendors.  Afterwards we always go to a dive bar in downtown LA called La Cita (www.lacitabar.com).  We meet with a group of friends that are kind of our groupies (they hang out and support us but don’t climb).  At one point one of our friends cornered me at our booth and said to me “So how do you do it?”.  “Do what?” I responded.  “Climb these stairs, run half marathons, keep such a good attitude about it?”.

Honestly, I don’t know.  I just DO.

She told me that she really admired me.  I was flattered!  I told her that one day I just decided to run a half marathon.  One day I just decided to take on climbing the top of the tallest building in LA.  One day I just decided to start running.  It seems so easy to me when I think about it.  But then some things for me aren’t so easy.  Doing things like races are pretty physical but also a lot of it is mental.  I need to figure out how to apply that same mental grit to my every day life.  Sometimes when I’m running I’m in a zen-like state.  I get goose bumps at the starting line.  I love seeing a sea of people in front of me all bobbing up and down.  I love the sprint to the finish line.  If only I could apply this type of thinking to my every day experiences.

I think if I added more Sparkle to every day then I could accomplish anything.  J