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Ever since I caught a glimpse of it, I knew that I had to try for it.

The pink Coast to Coast Medal.

I thought, “I would love to have a C2C some day”, why not try for the pink one?  These thoughts started swirling through my head as soon as I signed up for Tinker Bell 2014.  “What if” I thought.  Soon after that, I forgot (or tried to forget) all about the pretty, shiny thing because I thought it wouldn’t be possible.

Now here I am, newly signed up with Noah’s Light Foundation, ready to give it a try.

It’s an awesome organization.  They raise money to help fight pediatric brain cancer, a devastating condition that we too often think about as something that doesn’t happen to kids.  But it does.  Of the approximately 4,200 children diagnosed with these lethal tumors (of which approximately 2,000 are brain cancers) each year, fewer than 20 percent will survive (this statistic is taken directly from NLF website: http://www.noahslightfoundation.org/).

While I am excited to be a part of this great organization, I am anxious.  I most likely will be making the trip by myself, as we cannot afford the trip for our whole family.  I need to raise a lot of money in order to make this happen. The last time I raised such an amount was ten years ago when I participated in the Breast Cancer 3 Day.  I have not been to Walt Disney World/Epcot in 20 years, so I have no idea what to expect, where to go, or how to get around.

But here I am, facing all of these unknowns, for a simple mental and physical (and financial) goal.  All of which are nothing compared to what the children and their families have to endure.

Here is the link to my personal donation page: