Per the Dumbo Double Dare training schedule, I was slated to run 14 miles this past weekend.  I researched different routes to take near my home and I was actually looking forward to it.  The longest distance I have ever run is a Half, so I was somewhat intimidated, but still up for the challenge.

So I found a route that would be just a little over 14 miles, from my house to my friend’s house and then back.  Lots of flat, and then a big hill.  And then I figured that I could take a rest at my friends house and make the trip back.

I started out and then at mile 2, I got uncomfortable.  You know, that feeling you get when your stomach is bothering you a little and you wonder if going out for a long run was such a good idea.  I had prepped myself with a small breakfast, because I know what works for me, but something was still bothering me.

And then I made up my mind to just feel better.

Now I know that it’s not possible to have this attitude toward infectious diseases, cancer or the like, but for minor, piddly little stomach issues, I found that it works.  By mile 3 I had hit my stride and I enjoyed the run.  All the way (almost 8 miles) to my friend’s house.

Now as it turns out, I did not run back.  I started out too late and it got way too hot for me to continue.  But I don’t feel like a failure.  I feel good for knowing that with the right attitude, I can tackle anything.  The fact that I was looking forward to a 14 mile run speaks volumes for someone who a year ago had no intention of running a half marathon.

So if it works for me with running, what else can I accomplish?!??!