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As a stay at home mom, as with any job, there are ALWAYS things that need to be done.  The dishes in the dishwasher are in constant rotation, the floors need to be constantly vacuumed because of the accumulation of cat fur, laundry piles up, food gets eaten and needs to be restocked…. but I remember when I had a paying job, there was always a sense of accomplishment because I could actually complete projects (getting a pay check didn’t help either).  One building was built and then it was on to the next one.  Got the permit for that restaurant? Ok now it’s time to move forward on construction.  But as a stay at home mom, the same jobs, day after day, never stop.  And then I thought about all of the other things that I need to do… price items for a yard sale that I need to have, finish putting together the pieces for my upcoming Run Disney races, clean out the garage, clean up the guest room so that someone can actually stay in there.  The list keeps on getting bigger and bigger.  And the weight of it stresses me out.  But then I realized that when I complete those things, there will always be something to take it’s place.  I will have another task to complete because as long as we’re alive

you’ll never be done.

You’ll never be done learning or striving or practicing.  You’ll never be done eating or playing or having stress.  You’ll always have goals that you’ll want to fulfill so you’ll have to work hard to get there, whether it’s researching items for a camping trip or trying to find that perfect dry wick tank top to go with your latest run costume idea.  There will always be something.

So I guess when I look at it like that (or at least try to remind myself to), my list doesn’t seem so stressful.  Old things can be checked off but new things will be added as I live and grow and think up new dreams.