Over the last 20 years.

How do you run with all of that extra cargo? (due to the extra weight that I have gained as a middle aged woman).

I’m sorry…. Didn’t they tell you? Your baby didn’t have a heartbeat. (Talking about my ultrasound, said while in the waiting room, in a room full of expectant mothers).

“I’ve been told that you’re a bitch to work with.”

Why did you dress your son in that?! (When my son was a month old).

(Overseen text message, from a so-called friend) “Has Miller had a breakdown yet?” (Said at his first concert… when my son had sound and sensory issues).

Upon telling friends about the finish time of my FIRST half marathon….. Which was well beyond the “accepted” time of a half marathon finish…… “SOLID!!!” (accompanied by laughs and wide eyes).

Me: “Can I talk to you about something?”

Him: “YES”

Me: “I’ve been having this pain down here… (holds my abdomen, meaning uterus/female parts area).

Him: Me too…… 

Your son looks like the fat kid from The Outlot!!!!!

You should go to my gym (pats my fat abomen).

Please. Remember that we are all doing the best that we can. I understand the need to put down others to build yourself up. But words have a lasting effect.