That excitement that you feel at the starting line.  The nervousness of waiting for the race to start. That “shoot, I have to pee AGAIN” thought.  That moan that you emit when the alarm goes off at some ungodly hour.

This is running races.

I always look forward to “winter”, “spring” and “fall” because to me, that means racing season.  I put these seasons in quotes because in Southern California, they aren’t really seasons at all (here we only have two seasons, summer, and fall…. haha).  I love the cool mornings before it becomes scorching. I love the runners tans…. You know sock lines, a strip of white on your wrist from your Garmin, and for women, that stripe on your thighs from your running shorts that shows up oh so well when you wear a bathing suit.  So sexy.

I run races because it makes me feel good about myself.  Race weekends are like a small retreat for me. I do it for the endorphins, the social aspect and the sense of accomplishment.  I’ve met so many people and have acquired so many new friends because of running. I even got a job out of it! And I love it all.

Today, there are so many reasons to feel like garbage.  Why not do one thing that makes you happy every once in a while?