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“Freeze frame please, let me paint a mental picture portrait, something you wont forget, it’s all about my forehead…” – Tyler Joseph

Have you ever had one of those life experiences where you wish you could stop time?  Like everything clicks and goes smoothly and is hella fun and you wish that you could relive the moment forever and ever? There’s no stress and no drama.  I’ve had a couple of those “picture perfect” moments in the past year.

Oftentimes when I have an awesome race experience, just like a fun life experience, I wish, and I try, to recreate it, some how, some way.  But oftentimes these new experiences fall short.  Nothing measures up. You try so hard to recapture the feelings of the past but you fail.  And then your “real life” feels ….. blah.  You live your day to day life feeling like something is missing.  Like you should be living your life in a different way.  That you’ve made some horrible, bad decision along the way and THAT’S why you don’t have lovely, awesome, fun life experiences EVERY DAY.

But here’s the thing…. Life isn’t always going to be fun.  Or perfect.  Or zit or wrinkle free.  There’s beauty in the breakdown (Imogen Heap).  There’s something to be said for those tough life experiences too.  I’m fortunate enough to not have too many of those.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been through my share of sh*t.  The perfect moments make you realize how lucky you truly are. There are some super cool people out there and sometimes all of the stars align and these perfect moments happen.  Take note.

My point is this…. LOVE those moments, but don’t get all worked up if the next time doesn’t live up to the awesomeness.